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About us

Who are we?

China Food Services (CFS) is the dedicated food division of China Retail Group – established in 2005 with full China import and trading licenses. CFS holds offline sales, e-commerce sales, import / export, trading, distribution and logistics licenses under one consolidated roof. These unique licenses allow us to connect, communicate and transact with Chinese buyers and consumers in their language and from one solution.

Why enter the China market?

The China population has a growing appetite for better quality food and global brands. As the middle class wealth grows in China, the demands for quality food and related consumer products is expanding dramatically. China’s rapidly evolving middle class is spread across more than 500 cities and demand for foreign food and beverage is at an all-time high.

How can CFS assist?

CFS offers a one stop service for entering the China market that include everything from market entry strategies and import to logistics, marketing and sales fulfillment. Our end-to-end solution allows our partners to operate in China without needing to open a corporate office. Whether you want a full end-to-end China service or assistance with specific service then CFS can assist.

Why work with us?

Our multilingual team will create tailor-made packages that directly meet the needs of our partners which includes: establishing distribution channels, importing goods, building marketing channels and fulfilling deliveries to over 500 cities in China. Sell both B2B and B2C and have the assurance that your products are being marketed in Chinese toward the correct Chinese buyer and consumer. CFS exhibits at 10 F&B tradeshows a year in China and we will represent your products in Chinese to key buyers at China’s best F&B shows.


Services CFS provides

Market Entry Services

  • Market entry advisory, research & analysis
  • Regulatory consulting, product licensing & trademark registration
  • Chinese name creation
  • Go-to-market channel planning
  • Localized branding & product selection

Sales Channels

  • Multi-channel sales & distribution management
  • Local website design & management
  • Establish wholesale and retail channels
  • Offline store location evaluation and site selection management
  • End-to-end T-mall flagship e-commerce management
  • Taobao online shop creation and management

Marketing & Social Media Management

  • Weibo & WeChat account set-up & management
  • Online and offline market strategy development based on target consumers
  • PR campaign management
  • Access to magazine & data channel partners

Logistics & Distribution

  • Distribution managementt
  • Customer services & call center
  • Import & Export
  • Sourcing management
  • Channel management
  • Warehouse management
  • Payment solutions and repatriation
  • Act as importer of record


CFS specializes in assisting foreign brands - from every corner of the world - to enter the China market. These include food brands, beverage brands and other consumer related brands.

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The Food Box

The Food Box is a brand building and product promotional site that will allow food brands to connect communicate and transact with consumers in over 500 cities in China. Our CFS clients get access to this platform and the included benefits (subject to conditions).

Global Food Brands Direct

The Food Box includes a dedicated platform called global food brands direct that allows international food wholesalers to interact with Chinese food wholesalers for sales, marketing and distribution.

The Food Box Shelves

Tell us about your project!

If you are planning to enter the China market or are already established in China and wanting to boost sales then contact us for free advice.

How to get in touch with us?

Simply send us an e-mail: info@chinaretailgroup.com
or call us +86 21 5172 1738 / Skype: chinafoodservices